Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association


Did you know . . .


If you eat a salad in the United States or parts of Canada during the winter months—more likely than not—the iceberg lettuce you eat will have been grown in Yuma, Arizona.


In fact, Yuma farmers produce enough iceberg lettuce each year for every person in the United States, Canada and Mexico to have their very own head of lettuce—with enough lettuce left for every person in the United Kingdom to have one too.


Yuma farmers produce more than 40 different kinds of vegetables and melons on more than 90,000 acres of land.


According to a report by George Frisvold, Professor & Extension Specialist, The University of Arizona–


For all counties in the United States, Yuma County ranks in the top:

0.1% in sales of vegetable and melons

0.1% in vegetable crop acreage

0.2% in lettuce crop acreage

0.7% in sales of agricultural products


Agriculture contributes $2.5 billion to Yuma’s economy and 1 in 4 jobs to Yuma County employment


That’s why the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association has as its mission to promote and protect the Yuma vegetable industry.  The nutritious food our members produce is not only important to Yuma—it’s important to the world.